"Je m'appelle William" Mummy! "J'ai cinq ans" said my five year old from the back of the car unprompted. I am staggered by my son's level of achievement in the French language in such a short period of time which is only surpassed by his enjoyment of the Little Language Academy lessons. Bravo!"  

These are fabulous classes for young children which make learning French a fun and interesting experience. We are amazed at how much our son has learned and remembered just in the first half term and he really looks forward to the classes! He loves the teachers who have a very warm and friendly manner. We would definitely recommend the little language academy to anyone who was thinking about whether to enrol their children. 

"The Little Language Academy has given an excellent introduction to French to my children aged 4 and 6. I was amazed at how they picked up key words and phrases right from the very first lesson! They really enjoy going to French each week and love sharing their new words with me afterwards." 

"My daughter just loves the French classes and skips in every week. The teachers are very warm and welcoming, and the classes fun and imaginative. I am so impressed by how much they have achieved with her -  she was still only 2 when she started, but was able to tell me her favourite colours in French, count in French, and recite the songs they sing each week. She even told me the name of her favourite French cheese!"