By being part of The Little Language Academy, you are giving your child a head start. 

Younger children will love to sing the songs and rhymes we learn, and will want to try out new words such as ‘merci’ at mealtimes.  It’s important that you give them time to get used to the new language and wait for them to want to share it with you.  You may hear snatches of songs first when they are playing alone, or perhaps in the car.  During our classes it may also take a child a while before they want to join in, preferring to sit and watch what we are doing.  Then, out of the blue, they will join in when they feel comfortable and secure.

For our older students we provide an opportunity for them to practise and improve their oral French in a small, non-judgemental, fun and relaxed group which, in our experience, many children thrive in. They are then free to carry this forward, with renewed confidence, when they return to their school classroom.